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Special Effects Of Lamps

Posted by SANESWAP.COM on Feb 28, 2018

Materials Needed

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in navy (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in light blue (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in mustard (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

80cm / 8mm min Circular knitting needles

A crochet hook or wool sewing needle


Pins and a tape measure (optional)

The lamps truly glorify the ambience of any corner of your room. And, a creative lamp for your home décor will enhance its look manifold. Yet, it all depends on the type & size of table lamp & the amount of light that it gives out. Right from the living room to bathroom, you can set up a variety of lamps of your choice.



Here are a variety of lamps to embellish your room with their exemplary effects. Table lamps For instance, table lamps add an elegant beauty to your bedroom dresser. A pair of matching table lamps on a low dresser will truly boost the grandeur & beauty of your bedroom. The consequent light effect will highly glorify the ambience of your bedroom. And, you will sleep peacefully to your heart’s content in the soothing light effect.


Brass Floor Lamp

A floor lamp itself is a space saver for any room. It occupies a very little space of the room. These lamps are apt to light up your living room. You may place a floor lamp next to an arm chair or a sofa. It will exude a royal look for your room. And, you too will enjoy its magical light spread throughout the room.


Wall sconces

Wall sconces are an exquisite lighting choice for indoors as well as outdoors of your home. There are a variety of wall sconces to make your rooms look majestic. Though the wall sconces look beautiful in any corner of your home, they subtly beautify the bathroom. Their delicate appearance is highly needed in your bathroom. As a result, it will delight you regularly on a daily basis. Therefore, it is better to carefully and meticulously choose sconces as per your style.


Reading lamps

Another, common yet an interesting type of lamp is the reading lamp. It is a must-have for the avid readers, right from children to adults. Yet, you should be careful to choose a lamp that provides an adequate brightness. So that it doesn’t harm your eyes. It is also essential to ensure certain aspects like the furniture meant for setting the lamp. Along with this, an adequate comfort is equally significant to ensure that you enjoy reading and studying at your pace. Thus, try out such unique, spectacular and mesmerizing effects of lamps. It will help you to beautify your home more subtly than before. Let the stellar effects brighten your home for a lifetime.



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