10 Accessories That Every Man Should Flaunt

Posted by SANESWAP.COM on Mar 08, 2018

Materials Needed

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in navy (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in light blue (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in mustard (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

80cm / 8mm min Circular knitting needles

A crochet hook or wool sewing needle


Pins and a tape measure (optional)

What is the most essential accessory that you would take before you step out of your home? ……Still thinking? Here’s a descriptive yet concise list of accessories for you!



Your money matters & so does a wallet too! It is your most important accessory. A leather wallet looks very stylish. Especially, brown wallets make you feel royal!



It is your very near and dear friend. Especially, when you attend meetings the watch gives you a professional look. Also, the funky watches look trendy at trekking, camping, bachelor’s party etc. You can select classy designs and textures which suit you the best.



It truly belts up your appearance. Though, a tiny accessory it is a close sibling of your trouser. Therefore, both should suit each other so as to colour combo and classy look. The belt – An accessory made out of pure leather is a must have.



The tie entirely beautifies your shirt. There are a myriad of textures and exclusive colours of neck ties. The glossy fabric of a neck tie is especially very attractive. They make you stand out unique amongst your peers.



It is truly a ‘link’ between you & your public image and makes you look professional. Its shiny metal make & grand look suffices for official outings. You can choose a perfect cuff link from lots of available colours.



It is rightly said, ‘Pull up your socks.’ Your type of socks will differ with every occasion. The texture and patterns of socks are very attractive indeed. So, choose stylish socks with trendy designs.


Messenger Bags

Be it an outing, interview or family function, you can hold everything in a messenger bag. Its tough, classy leather is a special feature. It looks decent as well as fashionable!


Sun Glasses

Style, comfort & marvellous –rightly describes sun glasses. Not just the glass but also the frame looks highly enticing. You can wear it on a weekend getaway, beach party, date or family gathering.



Get ready, look cool & stylish with scarf – a fantastic accessory. Its plethora of shades, combinations & patterns turn out fantastic. It suits a casual attire on a date, anniversary, party or night out too!



Won’t you like to feel fresh all day? A deo with its numerous fragrances smells fabulous. Also, the diverse shapes & sizes of deo bottles add to the glory. And, it works magically to mesmerize someone on a date too!



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